Published on Oct 27, 2017
The New Science-Backed Way Of Eliminating Stubborn Belly Fat:

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The day is here, guys! The Science Based Six Pack cart is now LIVE – head on over to to get started!

Mark here with Thomas DeLauer and we are proud to present to you all the most comprehensive, science-backed program for successfully achieving the body you deserve in the most efficient time possible… Science Based Six Pack.

If you haven’t been following me this week on the channel, shame on you! You missed out on all the key points I hit as to why and how the Science Based Six Pack program is designed for the best way to get in shape. Lucky for you, all the videos are here for you to go back and watch:

#1 Announcing… Science Based Six Pack

#2 Thomas DeLauer’s Story – Fat to Fit – 100lb Body Transformation

#3 The Top 5 Myths About Intermittent Fasting BUSTED

#4 The TRUTH About Time Under Tension

#5 Intermittent Fasting & The RIGHT Way to Break Your Fast

Now that you’re here, here is a break down the specifics of the program and all that comes with it:
-My EXCLUSIVE Strategy
-Step-By-Step Meal Plan
-Fast-Break Meals
-Full Recipes
-ShredFast Workout Series
-“Base Track” & “Fast Track “Plans
-Constant Support

To learn more, just go ahead and get started at

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Eliminate Body Fat With The Most Effective & Efficient Way – Science:

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