Published on Sep 26, 2017
Train For The Body Any Man Over 40 Deserves:

How’s it going, Seniority Health? Mark Mcilyar of Abs After 40 here with a good buddy of mine, Larry Gardner. He’s one of my coaching clients from Atlanta, Georgia in town here in Texas visiting me and I wanted to have him share with you his fantastic story of how he was able to make a change and get in the great shape that he’s in today.

Let’s begin:

0:20 – How Larry got started with me and Abs After 40.

1:33 – Larry started the program at 248lbs wearing size 36 pants at the beginning of the year.
Larry has now lost 47lbs and wears a size 32 pant.

1:46 – Larry is now competing in a Men’s Physique championship!

2:08 – The importance of nutrition and the foods being eaten during the process.
Remember – it’s 80% of what you’re putting into your body accompanied by the 20% of your output and effort into the workouts.

3:15 – Being consistent is key.

3:52 – The little things can make drastic impacts on your health and nutrition and health.
Just by cutting out sweet tea Larry easily cut out 10lbs of fat that didn’t need to be there.

6:50 – Larry and his wife have made an investment far greater into their health and fitness that will pay off in the long term now with not having to worry about health risks associated with being unhealthy and out of shape.


8:42 – Understanding workout and exercise terminology

9:30 – Straight-Legged Deadlifts.
Remember – don’t lock your knees. It’s about keeping your legs with a slight bend in the same position and getting the muscle contraction in your hamstrings, glutes, and core.

14:23 – How much weight should you be using?

16:36 – Understanding “Rest-Pause” for an exercise.

I can’t thank Larry enough for making the trip all the way out here to Texas to train and talk shop with me about his fantastic progress and life-changing events since starting Abs After 40. It’s amazing to know that he’s gotten in the best shape of his life and is even competing in Men’s Physique competitions, all while turning 58-years-old soon!

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