Published on Dec 7, 2017
Burn Body Fat With Fasting:

Hey, guys, what’s up? My name is Kate and I thought I’d shoot you a quick little introduction video letting you guys know about the girl you’re going to be seeing a bit more in your inbox.

I’ve been in fitness for 10 years now, – doing everything from powerlifting to women’s figure competitions to supplement formulation and, most recently, doing the research and development of the Science Based Six Pack program.

In fact, if you haven’t already checked out the amazing video by Thomas DeLauer on the science behind burning fat and using intermittent fasting to achieve an incredible physique, you can watch the video now at

So, after all these years of being in the industry, the #1 thing I want to convey is that fitness is a complete experiment – there’s going to be tips, advice, and protocols that work for some people, while falls short for others.

My main mission is to give you guys the evidence-based facts and let you decide for yourself what can work for you. I’ll be giving you all the truth and knowledge combined with all the tools for you guys to reach your best shape yet.

So, to make sure you get this essential fitness knowledge from me, Kate, remember to open up the email, hit me with a reply, and let me know how the info helped you. Also, let me know more about the topics you want to learn about.

And I’ll See You Later,

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