Published on Dec 5, 2017
Get In The Best Shape – At Any Age:

Hollywood has given us many physiques to aspire to achieve – anywhere from portrayals of athletes, superheroes, commanders, and more.

We applaud and aspire to achieve these Hollywood physiques, but seldom see the work that these actors put in to look the way they do and perform on camera. David Harbour is a prime example as well as a breath of fresh air.

David isn’t your typical Hollywood actor and has far from the average physique of one. His role in the critically-acclaimed Stranger Things series doesn’t have him looking in the best of shape by any means. And, being over the age of 40 definitely didn’t make things any easier.

So, check out how David kicked his butt into shape to dawn the iconic superhero role of the red-colored Hellboy character.

What motivates you to get up and go? What is your struggle? Where has your journey taken you? Take time to consider this next time you want to judge someone before hearing the “why” that got them to the “where” they are today.

How Men Over 40 Need To Be Working Out: