Published on Jun 10, 2017
Train Like A Man Over 40 Should:

One of the most common and frequently worked on muscles that you will use weights for in your lifetime will more than likely be your arms. We ‘ve all wanted those large, rounded biceps and deep, indented triceps, right?

Thanks to BeFit4FAITH, we have an “old man strength” workout for you guys today. This way, when you get in the gym, you have an idea of the equipment you should be using, what kind of exercises to do, and different variations you can do to help get the body you deserve.

What other muscle groups have you noticed that you train frequently over your lifetime? Is there an area that you’ve noticed is stronger or hasn’t lost strength as you’ve aged? Where are you still trying to train to have a well-rounded physique? Let us know what’s going on in the comments below.

Achieve The Body Any Man Over 40 Deserves: