Published on May 09, 2017
Train For The Body Of You Dreams – At Any Age: 

Age is just a number, guys. Take Paul Wight, or as most men know him, WWE professional wrestler Big Show.

You may be thinking, “he’s a professional actor who gets paid to look a certain way” because that’s part of the job… Whether you’re a professional actor and performer or not, isn’t your health just as important as anyone else’s?

Standing at 7-foot tall, Paul weighed a staggering 537 pounds! Now, looking lean and fit as ever, he sits comfortably at 370 pounds. A 167-pound difference… That’s an entire person.

It’s never too late to get on track to look and feel your best, at any age. Big Show is a prime example as you can see here.

Any professional wrestling fans out there? What’s stopping you from getting on track to the body you truly deserve? Let us know in the comments below.

Age Doesn’t Have To Define Your Body: